Swami's Green Room Concept

Swami's celebrates a lifestyle lived in nature, therefore a respect for the environment is central to who we are.

For us creating a conscious and sustainable company is the only way forward. We look at the cultural and social impact we can make, working with craftsmen in Europe and supporting small initiatives in developing countries. This is an evolving process and we are constantly researching new and innovative methods to produce eco-friendly, non-generic products. We strive to keep our footprint light and harmonious with nature.

To demonstrate our determination we have developed a symbolic language to pinpoint how our products pay service to these principles - they form Swami's Green Room Concept.

peace silk
organic cotton
re-claimed fabrics
green electricity
vegetable tanning
promotion of artisans & crafts
recycled plastics
no GM
green factory
made in UK
AZO free dyes
bio degradable foam
anti-river pollution
minimized delivery distances
recycled packaging
reduced carbon footprint
water based inks
eco delivery
animal welfare
no child labor
sustainable timber
shipped goods
recycled leather
community based initiatives
We currently use around half a dozen of these various sustainable aspects in our productions. You can find these listed below together with some explanatory text which will help you get a better idea of the processes involved.