Swami's x Conran - Blue Monk


Since the late 50s Sir Terrance Conran has pioneered the changing aesthetic of modern British design.The Conran Shop is has always been the treasure trove of all things beautiful, combining radical new design with crafted traditions.We are really excited to have been asked to create a range of boards for The Conran Shop, each is signed and numbered in editions of 10.Guns, Logs and short boards to choose from, available at their London and Paris stores. We wanted to create a series that showcased sterling British shaping and also relates to the furniture traditions that Conran has always supported. 

Focussing on the iconic board shapes that defined the modern era of surfing through 50s - 70s. Hand made in England with a back-to-basics celebration of classic board building technics; double wrapped patched decks, tail blocks, split gloss/wet n' dry finishes, harking back to surfing's Golden Ages. Made exclusively for the Conran shop, in a numbered edition of 10 in an Yves Klein blue resin tint.

Common name: Monk
Scientific name: Retro Longboard
Synonyms: Logging flo-master
Size: 9’ - 10’
Compatibility: Passionate soul searcher
Habitation: Doesn't do well in crowds preferring territory beyond the lineup
Water chemistry: ankle snappers to pealing points
Feeding: Always quality over quantity
Breeding: Incurable romantic

The Monk is our quintessential single fin logging board - built for effortless glide. With plenty of volume and weight, flattened nose and tail widths are the key aspects together with round rails and rolled bottom to complimented the deep teardrop concave in the nose.

The perfect solid platform for timeless nose riding, makes for catching the smallest waves early, with plenty of room to take a stroll.

These boards are traditionally glassed heavy for glide and durability using 6oz glass on bases and doubled on the deck patches and fin box as well as wooden tail block.

Finishing in what we call the "nose dip" a combination of 2/3rds wet n' dry with gloss polish on the nose.


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